Mystica Book 2 Update

This is a quick update to let you know that Mystica Book 2 is now available for pre-order on all platforms. Official launch date is July 31st, but if you would like to order your copy now please click on the links below:

Mystica Book 2 on Amazon and Kindle

Australian Paperback Orders

Mystica Book 1 is participating in two fabulous promotions at the moment. If you like free fantasy books then check out the awesome books on offer in the following two promo’s currently running from Book Funnel:

Fly Free: Adventurous Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Other Place, Other Times: Fantasy and Sci-Fi with amazing world building

Wishing everybody lots of love and light leading into the weekend, hope it’s a good one. Happy reading!

Published by daniellewrites17

I'm a mum of 4, married to the wonderful Derek. I love writing fantasy and supernatural stories for middle grade and young adult readers. I have self-published four books; The Lost Unicorn, and my Mystica trilogy for pre-teen and YA readers. Four Moons Publishing is my author and publisher sight. Please sign up to follow and keep up to date on new releases. I recently completed treatment for breast cancer which I published a blog for as a way staying in touch with family and friends about my journey, and also to possibly help share with anyone else going through something similar. I have found it quite cathartic to write about my experiences and am enjoying my first dabble into blogging :) If you would like to read more please search for Danielle's Breast Cancer Journey on WordPress or go to

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