May Update and Free Promos!

Hello and welcome to the newsletter of fantasy author, Danielle Hughes!

I have lots happening in May and lots of special offers for you, so please read on.

I’ve decided to add Mystica Book 3 into Kindle Unlimited for a span to see how it goes. Not only does this mean anyone with a KU subscription can now access the complete Mystica Trilogy, but it also allows me to offer promotions where I can list all three books at a heavily discounted price for a short time! If you have KU and would like to download Mystica Book 3, Click Here  

Author life has been tough this month with a house full of sick kids. For the first two weeks of the school term I had someone home unwell, which is no fun for anyone and also means writing time is not a priority. Thankfully, everyone is back to their normal healthy selves and I’ve managed to get somes writing done. My current work in progress is a Grimm’s Brothers fairy tale retelling based on a story called the Brother and Sister. I’m nearing the end now and can’t wait to share more details with you very soon! Do you like fairy tale retellings? If so, which is your favourite?

FREE BOOKS! This month I’m participating in several Book Funnel promotions where you can download Mystica Book 1 for free, and access a whole heap of other fabulous fantasy reads, all for free. There is also a Kindle Unlimited promo for anyone with a subscription. To see which books are available¬†Click Here

I’m a big advocate for supporting other indie authors like myself. It’s a hard slog taking care of the marketing and promoting of your own books, so any exposure I can give other indie authors, I’m happy to oblige. This month I’ve teamed up with three brilliant fantasy authors and you can check out their work below:

 Can a fiery Mage heal an airy witch’s broken heart? Download your FREE copy HERE

 Secrets that lurk in the dark are coming into the light. Click HERE for your free sample.

 A crown is dangerous. A crown split seven ways is deadly. Click HERE for more information.

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I'm a mum of 4, married to the wonderful Derek. I love writing fantasy and supernatural stories for middle grade and young adult readers. I have self-published four books; The Lost Unicorn, and my Mystica trilogy for pre-teen and YA readers. Four Moons Publishing is my author and publisher sight. Please sign up to follow and keep up to date on new releases. I recently completed treatment for breast cancer which I published a blog for as a way staying in touch with family and friends about my journey, and also to possibly help share with anyone else going through something similar. I have found it quite cathartic to write about my experiences and am enjoying my first dabble into blogging :) If you would like to read more please search for Danielle's Breast Cancer Journey on WordPress or go to

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